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About Us

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ABELA INDUSTIRAL established in 1999, has grown in Angola over the last 23 years. As a company we are committed to keeping up to date with the latest styles, trends and product tweaks to make sure our brand remains at the forefront of our consumers mind.

Through market research, visits to salons and tried and tested methods- we remain dedicated to the cause of keeping our consumers happy.

All of our hair pieces are made locally from high quality fiber. We pride ourselves on making sure our products stand out with new and improved features. Such as being tangle free, soft textured, natural looking and are easy to manage.

Today ABLEA INDUSTIRAL has a wide range of products with hundreds of styles, colours and textures to choose from.


Our products include:

- Braids

- Hair Pieces

- Weaving

- Synthetic Wigs

- Antibacterial Product

We do not focus on our competition, our focus is on giving our customers a unique experience whenever they come into contact with any of our products.

ABELA INDUSTRIAL allows you to browse through our many products from the comfort of your home.

Through our social media platforms, we continuously post style, installation and review videos for customers to gain insight on what our different products offer.

We deliver throughout Angola, focused on quality and happy customers.

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