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Sou a descrição de um produto. Sou um ótimo lugar para adicionar mais detalhes sobre o seu produto, como tamanho, material, instruções de cuidados e instruções de limpeza.


  • Color Shown: 1/900

    Size: 16 inch

    Wear it short. Style variety, easy to install. Low maintenance and protective style. Solid colour, two tone blends.


    How To Care

    Cornrow your hair all back -Add the crochet hair bit-by-bit using a crochet needle -Slide the needle under the cornrow (latch closed) -Open the latch, hook the hair onto the needle and close the latch -Pull the needle and hair under the cornrow until a medium sized hoop is formed -At this point you should have a loop on one side of the cornrow and "tails" on the other side -Fold the tails over the cornrow and put them through the loop -Twist the loops with your fingers and out the tails through the loop again - Do this one more time for luck, then pull to tighten and secure the hair -Your first crochet "stitch" should be secured. Repeat until your head head is covered


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